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Commercial Solar

Make the SwitchPower Your Business with Solar

Cost Reductions
Reduce your organisations power bills by harnessing the suns energy. Avoid rising power prices.

Business’ may qualify for government grants to install solar.

Return on
Whether you are an owner occupier or renting your commerial space, look forward to lower electricity bills.

Reduce your carbon footprint by adding solar power to your dwelling. Solar is one of the cleanest sources of power for your business.

How SolarSaves You Money

Did you know?A tailored to suit Solar Power System reduces the costs of powering your business, any surplus energy can be sold back through feed-in tariffs.


Reduced Grid UsageA grid connected solar power system intelligently uses solar power, only drawing power from the grid when needed.

Avoid continuous pricing hikes. Between 30-100% of your energy consumption can be derived from solar offering you lower power bills.

Sell Extra EnergyHow much energy your solar panel system creates is based on the sun, not your usage. This means during sunny periods you may produce more than you use.

This extra can be sold back to the grid at a rate called a ‘feed in tariff’. The value of the feed in tariff varies between states and electricity providers. You can typically expect a rate of 3-12c per kWh.

A credit from the feed in tariff is added to your bill, resulting in lower energy costs.

Commercial Solar Financing

Financial Assistance AvailableSave on the upfront cost of a solar system installation. Ask us for more information on finance.

Receive a
Gift Voucher
Get a $250 gift voucher when you refer family or friends who purchase and install a solar system.


Chelsea Marina - Dandenong, VictoriaSystem Size – 30kW

Flint Group - Dandenong South, VictoriaSystem Size – 100kW

Factory - Hallam, VictoriaSystem Size – 11.88kW

Solar rebatesYou could save on your solar install with a government rebate

There are many Federal and State grants available to help reduce the cost of your Solar Power System install.